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  Armored shower Hose Connector series
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Quality Assurance  

    The market is globalize, the key for enterprise to last operation in a long term is high-grade product quality. To ensure our product quality, Kaiphone has invested assorted advanced inspection instrument. Meanwhile, we train positively qualified quality assurance personnel to check and control every procedure. By these strict procedure controls, we assure the customer quality requirement to be satisfied.
    Our quality system has been proved through ISO9001 certification. Kaiphone Communication Co., Ltd. in Taiwan got it in year 2000. And Kaiphone Opticon Communication Co. in China was qualified by following for ISO9001(2000 version) in April of 2001.

The Certification of ISO9001


 ¡ñThe quality assurance of IC Card Public Phone Parts


¡øVibration Test Table ¡øVoltage Resistance
Isolation Meter
¡øContact Meter
¡øSalt Mist Test Machine ¡øProgrammable Temperature & Humidity Chamber
¡øESD Test Tool ¡øB&K Acoustics Instrument 
¡øTensile Strength
Bending Resistance Test Machine
¡øMicro Hardness Test Instrument
 ¡ñThe quality assurance of Optical Products

¡ø3D Interferometer ¡ø400times magnifying microscope
¡øJDSU Power meter ¡øProgrammable Temperature & Humidity Chamber 

¡øMechanical tension tester

 ¡ñThe quality assurance of LED traffic lamp


¡øR&D ¡øSample Test for Regulator ¡øBarn In
¡øLED ¡øHigh Pressure Testor ¡øIlluminance Analyzer

¡øChamber for Constant Temperature &constant Humidity

¡øTesting System In Production ¡øLuminosity Testor
¡øLuminousity Intensity Tester ¡øIlluminance Meter

 ¡ñThe quality assurance of Flexible metal tube

¡øSalt Mist Test Machine ¡øTensile Strength/Bending Resistance Test Machine ¡øHandress Test Machine
 ¡ñThe quality assurance of Armored Shower Hose
¡øTensile Strength Test ¡øSalt Mist Test ¡øWater Pressure & heat resistant composite test

Headquarter:Kaiphone Communication Co., Ltd.(Taiwan.)
CEO:Mr. Amigo Hsu
Main Contact:Janice Huang/Doris Huang
Add: 4F,No.20, Hoping Rd, Pan Chiao City, Taipei
Zip: 220
TEL: 886-2-2964-8620
FAX: 886-2-2953-5110